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Business Planning & Organization Attorney in Palm Desert, California

Don’t Start Your Business Without Legal Support

Hire a Business Planning Attorney to Handle the Details in Riverside County

You’ve done the hard work of dreaming up your business. But, like many small-business owners, you’re unsure how to tackle the legal details. Don’t try to navigate complicated business laws alone. You need experienced legal advice to start your company on the right foot. Speak with an experienced business planning attorney at the Law Offices of Jerry J Goldstein in Palm Desert, CA.

Our lead attorney, Jerry Goldstein, has over 45 years of experience as an attorney focused on business formation and operations. We provide services on behalf of corporations (including non-profits), limited-liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietors and more. Call today to put our knowledge and legal expertise to work for you.

Find Legal Counsel on a Wide Variety of Business Formation Matters

The Law Offices of Jerry J Goldstein has decades of experience with every aspect of business law. Hire a business planning attorney to review legal steps, such as:

  • Choosing the form of entity

  • Reserving the name

  • Organizing the chosen entity

  • Filing for state securities exemptions

  • Ensuring compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations, including employment laws, security laws, taxation laws, environmental laws and others

Need Help Choosing a Business Structure?

Other Documents We Help Draft

For Corporations:

  • Articles of incorporation

  • Bylaws

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Employee stock option plans

For Limited Liability Companies:

  • Articles of organization

  • Operating agreements

  • Employee membership interest option plans

For All Entities

  • Employment agreements

  • Employee manuals

  • Product and service contracts

Don’t risk future liabilities from mistakes you make today. Hire Attorney Goldstein to assist you in the organization and operation of your business in the Palm Desert, CA, area.