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Work with a Business Attorney in Palm Desert, Hemet, or Riverside County, CA

Are you in the beginning stages of opening your own business? Do you have questions about acquiring an existing business or finalizing a contract? Turn to a business attorney from the Law Offices of Jerry J Goldstein in Palm Desert, Hemet, or Riverside County, CA.

Jerry Goldstein is an experienced small-business attorney with over 45 years of experience. You can count on him for legal support during any phase of your business venture. He'll help you set up your business and minimize risk along the way.

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Here to Answer All of Your Business Law Questions

Get the insight you need into business law so that you can watch your business thrive. Attorney Goldstein can provide legal guidance on all business matters, including:

  • Business Formation and Governance – Selecting and organizing the appropriate form of business entity for your company is as essential for your continued success as is recognizing the responsibilities involved. A primary goal is to avoid or minimize liability/risks and loss of assets while minimizing your tax obligations and ensuring your compliance with legal formalities.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Mergers and acquisitions involve numerous issues that must be handled by a professional who has experience in this highly complex field. There are competing legal interests in these transactions along with stockholder considerations, employment consequences, liability and risk allocation, representations and warranties, indemnification and a range of other issues that require the guidance and advice of a seasoned legal veteran who has personally handled numerous M&A deals.

  • Private Equity – Raising capital for your private company is a complex matter subject to various regulations and risks which can lead to disaster if overlooked or ignored. We have vast experience in negotiating and structuring private equity deals in an efficient manner designed to minimize risk.

  • General Counsel Services – Many smaller companies simply cannot afford to hire an in-house legal department to address their day-to-day legal needs. We can assist in reviewing and negotiating vendor, supplier and other contracts, protecting trade secrets and confidential information, drafting partnership and alliance agreements, and assisting with employment matters, among other common business legal needs.

  • Family-Owned and Closely Held Companies – As a family-owned or closely held company, whose shares are not publicly traded, you must adhere to corporate formalities and practices or risk exposing your assets. Have us review your compliance with corporate requirements as well as your contracts, shareholder distributions, employee classifications as well as your pension and profit-sharing plans among other issues. In addition, we counsel companies on business succession planning which can be of paramount importance to the small business.

  • Real Estate – The issues in a commercial real estate transaction are not the same as those that arise in residential deals. Purchase or sale negotiations and contracts, ownership structure, leases, landlord rights and responsibilities, property management and evictions are all matters on which we can counsel you.

  • Construction and Development – If your company is a developer, is remodeling an existing structure or building a new one, construction contracts that provide for foreseen and unforeseen contingencies can save you thousands of dollars and prevent delays. If terms need to be renegotiated or other problems arise, we can represent your interests to obtain a satisfactory resolution.

  • Insurance – Insurance protects you and your company’s assets in case of a lawsuit or if a particular condition or circumstance arises that causes you damages and/or loss of profits. We can assist you in obtaining the proper insurance and coverage amounts and can deal with insurers who may be reluctant to pay on a claim affecting your company or your own assets.

It doesn't matter if you're a startup or a longtime established business - the Law Offices of Jerry J Goldstein is here for you. Call today to set up a consultation with a trusted business attorney in Palm Desert, Hemet, or Riverside County, CA.