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There are a lot of details to review during a company acquisition, sale or merger. Make sure nothing is overlooked, and finalize the deal with the help of a business merger attorney in Palm Desert, CA. Contact the Law Offices of Jerry J Goldstein today.

Our firm has handled countless purchase and sale agreements and merger agreements over our decades of service. Hire our business attorney to prepare and/or review a letter of intent for a definitive purchase and sale agreement, merger agreement and ultimate consummation of the merger, acquisition or sale of the business.

Don’t go through this complicated process alone. Call Attorney Goldstein now for sound legal advice.

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Attorney Goldstein is your trusted business acquisitions attorney in the Palm Desert, CA, area.

Contact us today to receive legal counsel for:

  • Analysis of taxation and other considerations

  • Review the benefits of an asset purchase versus a stock/membership interest purchase

  • Draft and review a letter of intent

  • Draft and review of due diligence checklist

  • Assistance in the due diligence review

  • Investigation of UCC and other records

  • Draft and review of purchase and sale agreement or merger agreement, as appropriate

  • Consummation of the purchase, sale or merger

Whether you are acquiring a company, or being acquired, or seeking a merger, you need an experienced business acquisitions attorney to look out for your best interests. Speak with us today to schedule a free consultation.